We specialize in assisting people who need help financing for plastic, cosmetic surgery, and other procedures which include dental, lasik, fertility, bariatric (weight loss surgery) and various other medical procedures. With our dedicated network of lenders and experienced agents, we can find ou the best loan available and at some of the most competitive rates around the nation.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is considered elective, optional, or voluntary which is not covered by health insurance. This is the reason why financing comes into play. Thus, Citerra Finance offers its customers fast, easy, and affordable options that help in making suitable financial decisions in relation to ones credit profile.

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Medical Loan Finance Company

At Citerra Finance, we are a medical loan finance company, offering tailored loan programs for medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, dental, fertility and vision correction.

Citerra Finance is one of the finest medical finance companies that is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for our customers needs. We work with people of all credit histories and backgrounds, and our extensive base of lenders and providers make it possible to offer the best medical financing around.

Our dedicated team of agents comes with years of experience, which means they know how to leverage lending companies to get the most competitive rates